Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing



The Power of Oneness

‎”We need a gentle reminder that we are all connected and interdependent whether we recognize our neighbors face or not. It is easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the Ocean” Jon J Muth, Zen Ties

This message found me as I was at the library with my kids today. It was in a children’s book called Zen Ties and it literally jumped off the shelf and onto the floor in front of me. I think we all need this beautiful reminder- we are One. Lately I have been focusing so much on MY healing, on MY work, on MY pain- i seem to have separated myself from my Beloved Family – which is the entire Earth. As I read this, tears welled up in my eyes. I could feel myself merging with the entire world instantly. I could feel myself as ONE with the book in my hand, my children, the woman on the computer next to me, the floor I was standing on even the authors of the hundreds of thousands of books that lay before me. I could feel love in my heart for each of them -an unconditional love, a kind of recognition that I was the Creator AND the Created. I was reminded of how infinitely small, yet how magnificently GRAND I was as well. I am none of this, yet I am ALL of it. In the grand scheme of things, NONE of this will matter. None of my problems, my pain, my fears, not even this particular human life, will matter once I return back to Source. I began laughing at myself. How silly we humans can be to place such great importance on such petty matters. How small we are playing when we let the daily ‘dramas’ of our life play such an important role in who we think we are. So I took a deep breath in- absorbing the entire Universe into me at once. THIS was who I was. At that moment i was fully aware of my power- the power of ONENESS with every living thing- even those things I could not experience with my human eyes. I heard my Higher Self whisper “I am not just IN the Flow, I AM the Flow.”

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