Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Couples Sessions


These sessions are designed to expand your relationship, and bring you and your Beloved back to a place of Consciousness, Divine Love and Spiritual Communion.


COUPLES COUNSELING AND THERAPY  click here for more information :  http://journeyawake.wordpress.com/couples-counseling

–sessions include combination of verbal counseling, bodywork and spiritual exercises, inner child healing and embracing self-love. Learn effective communication and conflict resolution. Heal past trauma- from the current relationship, past relationships or from childhood. Overcome intimacy disconnection, sexual dysfunction, hyper-sexuality or loss of libido. Learn to honor and balance the feminine/masculine energies and appreciate the differences. Embrace the Divine in one another and bring that Divine connection to every aspect of your life. $200/2 hr session

TANTRIC THERAPY SESSIONS – I do not sexually engage with my clients, nor do I have direct genital contact with them. These sessions are instructional only.

These sessions are designed to bring both people back to a place of spiritual union through intimacy, vulnerability and conscious, sexual connection.  Your partner is a mirror reflection of you, in your most holy, perfect, divine light.  As you learn to move beyond your human struggles and limitations, you will be able to serve as this reminder for each other.

Tantric sessions are created to meet the specific needs and desires of each couple. Some aspects of Tantra that a session can include:

Power of being PRESENT,  techniques and exercises to still the mind and drop into the body, so your energies are focused on one another.

Transcend your intimate experiences by learning how to open the heart, connect to each others spirit, and embrace the divinity in each other.

Explore ways to move into  complete surrender and vulnerability, in and out of the bedroom

Learn how to communicate  your sexual needs and desires with one another with authenticity, compassion and honesty.

Learn Tantric breath work and meridian-based techniques to open the sexual energy channels of the body

Tantric Worshiping – learning to worship one another’s sacred temple (body) and genitals with spirit consciousness

Sacred Touch techniques – explore different ways to use conscious, sensual touch to awaken and arouse your partners body, and how to transmute conscious energy to awaken their sexual energy channels, chakras and heart space.

Yoni/Lingam Massage and Worshipping – learn tantric and Taoist techniques to pleasure,  massage, honor and worship the genitals


TANTRIC MASSAGE FOR COUPLES (please note, this is an instructional session where both people will be learning how to perform these massage and pleasuring  rituals on one another)

Tantric massage and body worship has been used for centuries as a means to experience and worship the divine through another’s physical body, through conscious honoring and pleasuring. To worship another is not to submit to them, butt instead to recognize the holiness within them.  Each of you in an em-bodi-ment of the divine, therefor spirit exists with you.  When you worship another, you are not just worshiping the ‘god’ within them, you are also worshipping


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  1. Michelle

    Hello, I’m interested in the tantric couple 1/2 day session. Where are you located and how do I schedule an appointment? Thanks

    April 27, 2013 at 2:53 am

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