Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Goddess Empowerment

Beautiful Goddesses -I call out to you all- NOW is the time to reclaim your Power.  This world needs our precious, nurturing, healing gifts!!   You are ALL Goddesses.  This is not something you have to earn, or something that gets attached to you because you Bellydance or wear flowers in your hair.  This is your Divine Birthright!!!  Have you forgotten this truth?   Have you forgotten that you are ALREADY a Goddess and should be living every moment of your life in Peace, Harmony, Abundance, Unconditional Love?  Even more important, it is time for you to be stepping up, guiding others to do the same.  This is easier said then done.  We have been burdened by a lifetime of being told that we are anything but a Goddess.  The voice of society, our parents, loved ones and our own Ego have been screaming into our ear that we are not WORTHY.   It is time to let it go, time to sever the chords with the past.  Time to shed the fear, the pain, the limiting beliefs and anything else that is getting in your way.  For that is what a Goddess does;  she stands tall, thanks her past, but then sets it down- and allows it to EMPOWER her.

Goddess Empowerment Ceremony

This session begins with a phone session, where the purpose is to connect with your inner child.  Part of this session will surround  Inner Child Healing, where  we go back and revisit your past so I can pinpoint what limiting beliefs, fear, past traumas, etc that are holding you back and causing you to repeat unhealthy patters. This allows me to create the perfect Ceremony for you, specifically based on YOUR life experiences and limiting beliefs, and where you want your life to go.  Once you arrive for the physical session, I will use different spiritual exercises, guided meditations, energy healing, gemstone therapy, chakra clearing, chord cutting and/or any other form of spiritual healing I am guided to use with you in order to help you release these limiting beliefs.   I will also do a full Oracle card reading for you- where I use  Doreen Virtue’s Angel and Goddess Oracle cards  (as well as my own gift of communicating with the Higher Realm) to give you an intuitive reading based on your life path.  You will then be guided into the healing room, where you will be anointed in heated oil, and your body adorned with flowers.  We will discuss what it means to step into your Goddess Power and how you can embrace the next phase of your life with a renewed sense of strength, self love, power and grace. Price $200 2 1/2 hrs


Awakening Female Sexual Power

This session  is designed to help women tap into their spiritual truth by awakening, healing and expanding their sexual energy.  So many women have been conditioned to repress their voice, their sexual expression and, hence, the source of their divine power.   We have not been raised in a ‘sexually conscious’ environment, where we we’re guided and encouraged to embrace our sexual power.   Instead we we re told to hide our bodies, learn to tone down our sexual energy or be labeled dirty or premiscuous.  As a result, most women have lost touch with and even repressed their true sexual expression, and hence, the source of their creative power.  This session will teach women how to reawaken their sexual energy, encourage Kundalini rising and transmuting sexual enrgy to flow through the body freely, and be used every moment of every day.   2 hour session $150





Sacred Ceremony for Pregnant Women – This is a Sacred Ceremony that celebrates and honors the Feminine Divine within a woman. She will connect with her own Divinity as well as the Precious Seedling that is growing within her. This ceremony begins with a brief discussion of how to connect with the Soul that lies within her body via meditations, affirmations, and visualization. Her body will then be anointed with Blessed oil, as we tap into her Inner Goddess which will be worshiped, physically and spiritually, in every way. She will then be led into a Sacred Bath with essential oils, Rose Petals and Dead Sea Salt. As she is submerged in Blessed water, she will be guided through a deep meditation where she will meet and commune with the soul of her unborn child. After the Bathing Ceremony, she will be seated in a chair, and her feet placed in a Basin of warm water and essential oils. Her feet will be massaged and rubbed and honored for the journey they have carried her through.   This experience includes therapuetic touch  for both mother and child and is used to further worship and honor the Sacred transformation she is going through. Her body and hair will then be adorned with flowers as she receives a prayer of Blessing that will prepare them both for their Birth Journey. Fathers are welcomed and encouraged to attend and can be incorporated into the ceremony. Price $200 for 2 1/2 hours

Other Rituals and Ceremonies – which can be designed for your specific needs.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions (In-Person & Phone)
Counseling for women that need assistance in:
-Sexual Healing or Overcoming Sexual Trauma from Childhood or Recent Experiences
-Overcoming Intimacy and Trust issues
-Embracing your Inner Goddess, Sexually and Spiritually
-Learning to transform Love Making into a Sacred, Spiritual Experience
-Sexual dysfunction or lack of Libido or Hypersexuality issues
 In Person
$150 1 1/2 hours Phone or Skype Session $100 per hour

3 responses

  1. Rachel

    Wow, I am interested!

    May 6, 2012 at 5:48 pm

    • Hi Rachel- are you local- as in South Florida? It would be my honor to gift you with this Ceremony. If not- i do offer a variation of this session via phone- obviously minus the massage part. The price is $80 for 1 1/2 hr phone session

      May 6, 2012 at 8:29 pm

  2. I am in phoenix.I am Interested

    July 20, 2012 at 6:20 am

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