Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Manifest Your Soul Mate


You  CREATE your life experiences, and you DO have the power to attract your perfect partner into your life.  But you must be willing to take action, and do the internal work necessary to prepare yourself for the Love of your life!  You are WORTHY being reunited with your soul mate!

In this session, you will:

Learn what a soul mate is; pinpoint and eliminate fears, blocks, insecurities and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of manifesting your soul mate;

Do a Chord Cutting and Forgiveness Ceremony to heal old wounds and unhealthy attachments;

Learn that the most powerful Love is and always been within YOU and can be tapped into instantly (it’s time to fill that void)

Explore  the importance of Self Love and Self Worth and how it can empower you to attract your soul mate

Learn  about the Law of Attraction/Creative Visualization and it’s role in assisting you in manifesting YOUR soul mate;

The session will end with a beautiful Sacred Ceremony in which we celebrate love and beckon forth your Soulmate

It is recommended that you do these sessions in a series as one session builds upon the next, but there is a condensed version for those who want just one session

Single session -2 hrs $200 Extended session  $385 or a Series (4 sessions, 2 hours each) $775

Skype sessions same prices apply


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