Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Tantra Tele-Series



This is Tele-seminar series, Awakening to Tantric Consciousness, explores every aspect of Tantra in a loving, safe and private space – your own home!!

Many people get trapped in the illusion that Tantra is just a sexual practice, or that you have to have a partner in order to embrace this path. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why I have designed a program that allows you to embrace this sacred art without the pressure  of being in a physical workshop.

I have designed 22 classes- each 90 – 120 minutes . Most of the classes are broken up into multiple parts, each 45 minutes long. This is a recorded series, available to listen to online or download.

Each class will take you deeper into your sexual and spiritual journey, tapping you into your potential, awakening your power from within. You will heal, grow and expand your consciousness so that you can embrace the natural flow of ecstasy that awaits you!
The classes may include exercises, guided meditations, breath/energy work, as well as homework assignments and readings that correspond to the topic of each class

You can pay for the entire series $250 (save $125) or pay for only the classes you want to listen to, in any order. Individual classes range from $15 – $30 each.

To Pay for the entire series, $250, or to pay for an individual class, which vary between $15 and $25 each ( please see descriptions below for price), then click on paypal link below and enter appropriate denomination:



Seminar descriptions:

Class 1- $15 Intro to Tantra. embracing true Tantra, and understanding this path as a means to awaken and empower you in every area of your life. Integrating physical, sexual and spiritual self into ONE. Giving yourself permission to explore sexual nature. Understanding how your sexual energy is your FUEL and is there to inspire and guide you back to your divine essence.

Class 2 – $30 – a 5 part series. Tantra for One – your sexual journey begins with you.  We will explore self love and positive body image,  sacred touch techniques, honoring and worshiping your own body, embracing the divine in you, mindful masturbation techniques and ceremony, and fire breath orgasm techniques.

3class 3 -$15 Releasing Sexual programming and sexual co- dependencies.  You can not step into your true power until you first see what blocks you have picked up that have kept you disconnected. Pinpointing and releasing past programming, fears and insecurities. Breaking free from sexual co-dependencies. We will also cover healing from past trauma- and we all have them in some form. Exploring how your past experiences, and even past lives have influenced very action, behavior and thought you have ever had. Putting your story down in exchange for a new one.


Class 4 -$15  Exploring Pleasure. Giving yourself permission; releasing guilt and shame; learning to receive. Learning to leave the mind and come back into the physical body. Exploring the various forms of pleasure, and introducing new ones. Awakening the senses, and using them to guide you. Integrating PLAY into your life.

Class 5 – $15  Mastering Sexual energy. Learn Taoist techniques to understand and master the energetic body for sexual empowerment. Increase sexual stamina and arousal. Understand male vs female sexual energy, yin/yang balance, and the microcosmic orbit. Learning to connect with and heal the energy body. Learn how chakras and meridians impact your physical connections.

Class 6 – $15  Orgasms, Orgasms, Orgasms. Exploring the different types of orgasms – genital, gspot, emotional and energetic. How to embrace, improve and have multiple orgasms. Healing through orgasm. Being a part of your partners orgasmic experience. Using orgasm as a transcending experience – reaching nirvana through orgasm.

Class 7  $20 – PLEASURING Your Man – Learning tantric and Taoist techniques to increase foreplay, building sexual energy. Using love making as a means to connect with your partner spiritually. Exploring CONSCIOUS oral sex, manual stimulation and various sexual positions. Learning to communicate in the bedroom with your partner.

Class 8 – $20 Pleasuring your goddess. Learning tantric and Taoist techniques to increase foreplay, building sexual energy. Using love making as a means to connect with your partner spiritually. Exploring CONSCIOUS oral sex, manual stimulation and various sexual positions. Learning to communicate in the bedroom with your partner. :

Class 9 – $15 SEXUAL CREATIVITY. Tapping into the power of your second chakra. Using your sex chakra increase your creativity, artistic expression, for divine inspiration and ideas. Learning Sexual Transmutation. Learning to use Sex Magic to manifest all your desires.

Class 10-  $20 Power of the Goddess – embracing feminine sexual power. Geared towards women, although all may attend. Embracing your inner goddess, embracing your feminine sexual power. Healing your relationship with your Inner Feminine. Understanding your own sexual body. Learning to overcome the need to ‘please’, overcome the need to validate yourself through another. Tapping into true feminine power. Balancing yin with yang.

Class 11- $20  a 3 part  series. Embracing Masculine Sexual Power. This series will be geared towards men. Stepping into your spiritual and sexual power. Healing your relationship with your Inner Masculine. Using your genitals to heal the world. Learning to ‘hold your seed’- orgasming without ejaculating. Releasing the need to ‘perform’ in order to validate yourself. We will also cover healing for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.

Class 12 – $15 Your body is the house of God, aka the sacred Temple. Loving and appreciating your physical body; overcoming body image issues, ‘size’ insecurities, preconceived ideas about what a body should be. Establishing an intimate connection with your body, remembering how to worship your temple. Exploring sacred touch, with yourself and others. Learning to be IN Your body while maintaining your spiritual connectedness. You are not limited by your body, but while you are here, you may as well enjoy it.

Class 13 – $15 Conscious giving, conscious receiving. Learning how to receive- the ultimate act of vulnerability. You can not authentically give to someone until you can authentically receive. Overcoming fears and societal programming surrounding giving and receiving. Learning to give unconditionally, from the heart, not the ego. Balancing the yin/yang energies of lovemaking.

Class 14 – $25  a 4 part series. The art of male tantric massage WORSHIPPING through Sexual Pleasure. Geared towards women- learn how to perform Tantric Massage, Lingam Massage, Worshiping. Ceremony, Taoist erotic Massage for men. This class will be broken up into 4 segments, each 45 min long

Class 15 – $25 – a 4 part series.  The art of female tantric massage and WORSHIPPING through Sexual Pleasure. geared towards men- learn how to perform traditional tantric massage, Yoni massage, Goddess/yoni Worshiping, and Taoist Erotic Massage for women.  This class will be broken up into 4 segments, each one 45 min long.

Class 16 – $15 Who Am I ? Rediscovering who you really are vs. who you think you are. Moving beyond your story. Exploring your shadow side. Accepting every aspect of yourself – becoming WHOLE.

Class 17- $15 Emotional body, emotional intimacy. In order to fully embrace your sexual potential, you must learn to FEEL, honor and express your full spectrum of your emotions, including those you may have labeled inappropriate or negative. Learn to accept, embrace and channel your emotions so that they empower you not disempower you. Learn Emotional Release techniques. . Learn conscious ways to communicate using NVC, as well as other compassionate communication techniques.

Class 18- $15  Expanding your tantric practice into every day life. Tantra is not just a physical or sexual experience. It is a state of a consciousness. You can use this consciousness in EVERYTHING- from the way you deal with others, to making dinner, to fulfilling your life purpose, to how you raise your children. You were designed to embrace ecstasy every day, so let’s get to it.

Class 19  $25 3 part series. SACRED ART OF FELLATIO (aka Blow job)  learn how to use oral pleasuring as a means of scared connection, energetic healing, and sexual awakening.  Learn tantric and Taoist techniques to offer him mind blowing pleasure while also worshiping his sacred genitals.

Class 20 – $25 scared art of. Cunnilingus  – we will explore how to use oral worship for women, how to connect with the feminine divine through oral pleasure, how to invoke the goddess so that you may bathe in her light, and tantric and Taoist techniques and strokes to build sexual energy through the yoni and clitoris.

class 21 – $25 Loving Your Body- 4 part series.  Explore the different avenues to reconnect with, love and honor your body;  Release shame, guilt and societal programming about what a body should or should not look like;  Learn how your body is responding to every thought and feeling you have; Learn how to use conscious, positive intentions to reprogram your body;  Learn how to talk to, love and make love to your sacred body;  Learn that you have a body, but you are NOT your body, and how to stop identifying your self worth with your physical image; Learn how to radiate the real MAGNIFICENT YOU, which exists within not without.

CLASS 22 – $25 Sexual  healing from Abuse or Trauma 4 part series.  Learn how to move from a place of Victim to Victor.  Release trauma from the entire body, at cellular level, energetic level and emotional; learn how abuse creates blocks in the first three chakras and learn how to clear them;  pinpoint specific limiting beliefs and past programming based on your past trauma;  learn how heal your heart And regain faith in others ; understand how the trauma creates problems as well as patterns in current intimate relationships;  learn how  to create a container of safety for your inner child so he/she can put the past down; learn how to develop an intimate  relationship with your sexual body and sexual energy so you can develop the passion and sexual drive that is naturally yours.



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