Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Sexual Healing

Are you in need of HEALING from Sexual Abuse, Rape or Physical Trauma of any kind?   As  a sexual abuse survivor I know how deep these wounds can travel.  Just because it happened long ago, does not mean that it is not affecting you.  The subconscious mind stores this trauma deep within and it will seep out and leak into every are of your life until you fully recover from it. It is time to reach out to someone who can help you  It is time to learn how to utilize your past experience to transform you from a place of disempowerment to EMPOWERMENT.   You deserve to live a life in which you are FREE from your past!  Allow me to guide you back to your Truth. I use the power of Divine Love, Spiritual Counseling, Energetic and Meridian Body work, Inner Child healing as well as various Sacred Ceremonies to help you take back your POWER! No matter how severe, or how long ago the trauma took place ….. You CAN Heal!  Transcend from Victim to VICTOR!

Sexual Healing Therapy comes in many forms.  I  use  a combination of my gifts, which may include, but not be limited to  Verbal Counseling, Inner Child healing, Emotional Release Techniques, Energy and Body Work,  Post Traumatic Stress Therapy as well as Empowerment and Forgiveness Ceremonies.   These sessions are designed to: reprogram the subconscious mind, and help you pinpoint any limiting beliefs you may have picked up as a result of your past; help you to view your body as a safe and loving place to be, and to reclaim it’s power and beauty;  help you regain self confidence, self worth and self love;  learn to trust and surrender to others; extract the valuable lessons your soul needs from this experience in order to transcend; rewrite your past, and begin to tell a new story about who you are.  At times, i call in your guides and angels to assist us during the session.

  2 hour live session- which includes verbal, body, meridian, energy and ceremonial work $200; phone/skype session $150 per 1 1/2 hr session


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