Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing and Counseling:

Can you  feel your Soul asking you to step up, to heal, to Expand and to Awaken?  You know it is time to shed this old, outdated version of who you were.  You know it is time to transform into the Highest version of yourself.  ”I’m tired of hurting. Where do I begin?  Why am I stuck?  Does this get any easier?” These are some of the questions you may find yourself asking.  I can help you answer them.
Allow me to take you by the hand and guide you into this next phase of your life- the one you can FEEL in the depths of your Soul, begging to be revealed. Even now, as I say these words, your Spirit is nodding “YES, yes, it is time. Do not be afraid”  YOU will be the one doing the work.  I am only here to help you ‘Remember’ your truth, unveil your Limiting Beliefs and assist you in releasing them, as well as anything else that is not serving you on this Journey.
$175 for 2 hour session which includes verbal/spiritual counseling, body and energy work, ceremonies, etc; Phone/Skype sessions $100 1 1/2hour
I do general spiritual counseling as well as Focus on several areas of Healing.
Below are some of the areas in which I focus on for Healing:
Pinpointing and releasing your Limiting Beliefs:  We  are born as perfect, Divine, Whole Beings -filled with unlimited potential and Joy!!  We know this TRUTH when we are young children, yet somewhere through out our adolescence and adult life we forget it.  What makes us forget it?  Why can’t we get back to this TRUTH and live every moment of our lives from it?  We form what are known as Core, Limiting Beliefs.  These are nothing but belief systems that we picked up from our environment, starting from a very young age.  They are stored deep, within our Subconscious mind and we have adopted them as our new TRUTH.  They are NOT our Truth, in fact, they usually convince us of the opposite of our Truth.  It takes GREAT effort to undo or UNlearn these core beliefs.  First, I guide you back to your primitive years to locate the limiting beliefs and their source.  I then assist you in removing them from your subconscious mind and replacing them with new belief systems that DO reflect your Highest Self.  Once you change your core beliefs, you will see your entire world reflect this change.  Remember, your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world.  If you don’t like what’s going on in your outer world, change what’s going on in your inner world!
Healing the Inner Child: 

HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR INNER CHILD?We all have an Inner Child that needs tending to. Whether you had a ‘normal’ childhood or a traumatic one, the Inner Child is most likely living in an entirely different world than you are in, your c

onscious state. Yes, the Inner Child lives in the everlasting world of yesterday. It knows nothing of this world you are currently functioning in, or even of the future. The problem is, that same inner child perceives your past as it’s reality. Since this child is stored in your subconscious mind, he/she has control over your world today- and all of your thoughts, actions, and reactions are being directly affected by this inner child. What did you pick up from your past? Everything from how you handle intimate relationships, to financial matters to child rearing to your ability to love yourself is affected by what you picked up from your upbringing. How do you treat your inner child? Do you shower him/her with love and appreciation? Do you respect his/her needs? Do you play with him/her? Do you wish you could return to that sense of wonder and awe- where the world was filled with magic?During my Inner Child Healing Sessions, I can guide you down a safe journey, where you will meet your Inner Child, talk with and Heal the wounds or limiting beliefs that this child is still believing. We then work together to permanently release them, and replace them with loving and empowering thoughts and a new set of Core Beliefs. Healing your Inner Child is like taking the steering wheel to your life, back into your hands. You will finally be able to have put down our past programing, which have been the cause of your negative patterns and embrace the freedom to live your life from the Present moment. We will also go over different ways to return to the innocence of your childhood. Learn to love and trust unconditionally. Learn how to play, how to return to self love and how to live every moment in JOY.

Chakra Awakening, Clearing, and Aligning (includes a massage, guided meditation and Gemstone Therapy.)
Chakras are the precious energy centers located deeply in the center of your body. You have hundreds of them, but generally, healers deal with the main seven energy centers. These chakrasaffect every aspect of your life- and if blocked or left unattended to- can cause fatigue, depression, mental fogginess, illness -not to mention causing you to repeat unhealthy patterns and emotional responses in your daily life. The greatest illusion people hold about these chakras is that they ‘get blocked’ on their own. YOU, and you alone are the only one who can cause a block in your chakras- for your chakras are directly impacted by your own thoughts and belief systems. If you desire to release these blocks, you must go WITHIN and locate whatever limiting belief you have that is causing the block. Of course, you should be clearing them everyday- for they get blocked and cluttered on a regular basis, just from your daily life and interactions. But if you do not locate the SOURCE behind the thoughts that are causing this debris- you will continuously block them and sometimes severely. If blocked, your entire energetic body and life will be unbalanced. Furthermore- what you manifest, or don’t manifest will be impacted directly- for our external world is but a reflection of our internal world. If you desire complete harmony, abundance, peace and love- which are your Divine birthright- you must become aware of your chakras and how to keep them healthy.

I have designed a powerful Chakra Awakening, Clearing and Aligning Ceremony/Session which will assist you not only in clearing them but also in healing the past programming you picked up along your lifetime. Most importantly, i teach you the most effective way to clear your own chakras so that you can do so on a regular basis. Below is a description of this healing session:

This session begins with a series of Yoga poses to open up the chakras.  This is done so that you can become familiar with the Chakras and use these simple moves to specifically awaken your chakras and keep them healthy on a daily basis.  We then move into a discussion of exactly what the chakras are, how they serve us on our path, and the past programming  that has caused them to get blocked.  Based on our verbal conversation,  my ability to scan the chakras and my gift of intuition, I will use my own spiritual analysis to locate the blocks in your chakras.  Together, we will then pinpoint what aspects of your past (this will require some inner child work) to reveal the SOURCE behind your limiting beliefs, fears and past programming which have caused these blocks.  I will also include some spiritual exercises, guided meditation or healing ceremony to assist you in further assisting  you in healing the past.  You will then be placed in the healing  room, where I will place  Gemstones (each will correspond to a specific chakra) on a grid on your body.  As these stones are working their magic on your body’s chakras- in clearing and aligning them- I will take you through a 20 minute Chakra Clearing guided meditation.   After the clearing, your chakras will be aligned.   At the end of the session you will be given spiritual exercises, meditations, and affirmations to do at home which will assist you in releasing these limiting beliefs so that you do not continue blocking  your chakras.  $175 for 2 hour session, or Phone/Skype $100 1 1/2 hour

Creative Visualization/Vision Board Coaching -includes a verbal discussion of how to properly create and utilize a Vision Board as well as other Creative Visualization techniques in order to manifest your desires.  We also pinpoint and work on any limiting beliefs,  lack of Self Worth or procrastination issues, that may be getting in your way and keeping you from Receiving all that you deserve.  The price includes all printouts of pictures and quotes,  and other materials for you to create your Vision Board.   $175 for 2 hour session, or Phone/Skype $100 1 1/2 hour

Connect With Your Angels Card Reading/Counseling Session – I use several Angel Oracle Cards to do a full reading for you.  I also relay any messages your guardian Angels or any other Angels have for you and offer spiritual guidance to enhance or heal your life.   Session also includes a coaching session where i teach you different ways in which to communicate with your Angels on your own as well as how to read your own cards.  $100 1 1/2 in person; or Phone/Skype $80 per hour

Chord Cutting, Bowl Burning and Detoxifying Bathing Ritual: I perform a very powerful Chord Cutting Ceremony to help you heal over any traumatic experience you have had, whether that be a break up, a negative childhood experience, or even an unhealthy attachment to something like an ex lover, a job, a house, etc.  I call upon the Higher Powers to sever the energetic chords (called Etheric Chords) that are connecting you to the person/experience and keeping you from moving forward!  We then write down any other limiting beliefs or old habits that are no longer serving you on a piece of paper and ceremoniously BURN them in Fire with White Sage. The Fire is used for Purification and literally burns away these aspects of your lower self. Because this is such a powerful process and can leave a person sometimes emotionally drained, i include a Bathing Ritual. In this Bathing Ritual,  you are bathed in an essential oil and Sea Salt Bath, and guided through a short meditation.  This process helps to remove the residual effects from the ceremony and to clear away the toxins from the body and spirit.   $200 for 2 hour session, or Phone/Skype $100 1 1/2 hour




Traditionally, indigenous cultures understood the importance of spiritual balance for individual and community well-being. These cultures understood ceremonies were part of the ongoing fabric of the community and existed to prepare, protect, and heal the individual as he or she journeyed through life’s stages. Naming, puberty and warrior ceremonies all had similar themes: the individual for whom the ceremony was being held was entering a new phase in which they would give up the ‘old’ roles and responsibilities and embrace a set of new roles and responsibilities.

Today, ceremonies and Rituals  are still being used to create a Sacred experience and to recognize the Divinity in others.  In Tantra, these Sacred Ceremonies were created for the same reason, to provide a transforming experience in which the body, mind and Soul are honored and sanctified as Sacred.  They can be both healing  and life transforming, creating a bond between the giver and receiver, and opening you both up to Higher realms of consciousness.

Below are some exxamples of different ceremonies i offer- multiple ceremonies can be combined to create a total Healing Ceremony- either Tantric or Non-Tantric  $2oo for 2 hour session, or Phone/Skype $100 1 1/2 hour

Tantric Bathing Ritual
Worshiping Ceremony
Disrobing Ceremony
Anointing Ceremony
Tantric Massage
Sensual Eating Ceremony

Goddess Empowerment Ceremony and Bathing Ritual -for Teens and for Women
Sacred Pregnancy Blessing Ceremony and Bathing Ritual
Warrior Ceremony
Body Painting
Hosting a Sacred Puja Ceremony

Removing Limiting Beliefs/Take back Your Power Ceremony
Chord Cutting
Bowl Burning Ceremony
Chakra Clearing/Aligning Ceremony
Gemstone Therapy
Forgiveness Ceremony

Couples Ceremonies designed for  Couples of all sexual preferences


Forgiveness, Communication and Removing Barriers in Relationships

Couples PLAYDATE Ceremony/Session

TOTAL HEALING PACKAGE Live, in person $350  –  4 hours.  Phone or Skype  Session $175

Not sure what you need or want?  Don’t Limit yourself!!!  I offer a total package of Healing which combines a series of my healing services into one Experience.  During this  session, we will cover:

An Angel Card reading using a deck of Oracle cards of your choice (Guardian Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Unicorns or Goddess Cards) followed by intuitive messages from your Divine Helpers

Inner Child Healing (includes a guided meditation)

Pinpointing your Limiting Beliefs, and where they stem from

Techniques to empty your subconscious mind of these belief systems, as well as replacing them with empowering ones (including a list of positive affirmations based on your individual path and limiting beliefs)

A Chord Cutting or Bowl Burning Ceremony to help sever any attachments you have to any unhealthy situations, people or objects that are keeping you from releasing your past.

A discussion of Creative Visualization, as well as various techniques on how to use this process, as well as tools like Vision Boards and Mind Movies to CREATE the life you deserve!

A discussion on the power of Chakras as well as Chakra clearing and alignment using Gemstone Therapy as well as a guided meditation to clear and align the chakras.

Spiritual Recommendation: This session is designed to give your life a powerful make-over and to shift you to the Highest Vibrations possible.  It is not recommended for those who are unwilling to make drastic shifts in their lifestyle as well as their original way of thinking.  This powerful session will be intense, it is not recommended that you make any immediate plans for several hours after so you can fully recover and absorb your transformation!


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