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You are NOT a human being having a Spiritual experience, but a SPIRITual BEing having a human experience?

YES, in your truest essence, you are Spirit.  It is this highest vibration -SPIRIT  – that you came from, and where you will return when you decide your visitation here is over.  You are made in the image and likeness of the Divine Creator, which means you are Perfect, Whole and bursting with unlimited potential!!  There is nothing you can ever do, be or say that can ever change this.

Your ego/lower self- the part of you that is human- may try to convince you otherwise.  You may find yourself saying ‘If this is true, then why doesn’t my life reflect this?’  The answer is simple -you have ‘forgotten’ your Truth.
There is a part of you that knows you are a perfect mirror image of God and that you came here to live a life of magnificence, grace and love.  upon being born, you chose to get amnesia.  As you continued in this human lifetime, you fell deeper and deeper into this dream state until you eventually accepted that living a life  of mediocrity, drama, or even pain was normal.

Even as you continue sleepwalking, your soul calls out to you.  Sometimes it is just a whisper,  and sometimes it screams out,  like a prisoner, clawing at you, desperately trying to break free from this Illusion that you are living from.

“Wake up!” your soul is telling  you “It is time to step into your true power!”

You came here to leave the world a better place than which you found it.

You came here to be Love in action.

You came here to experience every waking moment in a pure state of Bliss, Joy and Harmony!

BUT the choice is yours.

If you are ready to embrace your potential and step into your power, then you are in the right place.  Begin your healing now -it is NEVER too late.

It starts with an Intention.  Decide right now, that you are going to do whatever it takes to return back to your TRUTH.  Then take action steps to move in that direction.

The good news?  You don’t have to ADD anything to yourself in order to come back HOME to this truth.  You are already there.  All you have to do is remove and release all the thoughts, limiting beliefs and behaviors that have caused you to ‘Forget.’

The Healing, Therapy and Ceremonies I offer are all created to help you release the blocks that are getting in between you and your TRUTH.
You deserve to experience your HIGHEST potential! Give your Soul an opportunity to express itself in it’s TRUEST form.  Remember, as you heal yourself, you heal the world!!!

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