Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing

Tantric Teacher Training

Is your heart asking you to take Tantra further? Do you feel a drive to share this Sacred path with others? Want to learn how to use this Divine Art to heal and expand the world?
I am now offering Tantric Therapy Teacher Training in various forms. Choose the one that is right for you.In my training program, you will learn:Spiritual aspects of Tantra and how to teach others to embrace this pathHow to use Tantra therapeutically –verbal counseling/coaching, sexual healing, trauma recovery, heal intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction, hyper-sexuality.Energetic Healing –laying of hands to transmute energy and heal; scanning the energetic body for blocks in chakras, as well as clearing and aligning the chakras, using gemstones and toning for healingHow to counsel and do bodywork for Sexual abuse/trauma victimsHealing Ceremonies and Rituals – Worshiping Ceremony, Bathing Ritual, God/dess Empowerment Ceremony, Chord Cutting Ceremonies

Tantric Massage, including Lingam and Yoni massage, as well as Lingam/Yoni worshiping, Sacred Spot/G-spot massage

How to coach and work with Couples – learn Couples therapy, how to to show them how to embrace the Divine in one another, overcome Sexual disconnection, intimacy issues, learn to teach Sensual exercises/games for couples, learn how to perform ceremonies and workshops for couples

How to create healthy boundaries for you and the client, how to use the power of The Law of attraction to manifest the perfect clients
How to create and host various Tantric workshops, classes, and tele-seminars

How to properly promote yourself as a healer, useful marketing tools/ internet-marketing, etc, Creative Visualization, Blogging, creating a website, etc

All training is done via private sessions, one on one. If you can gather a few people to do a group training, the prices will be reduced dramatically.

WEEKEND TRAINING – a total of 16 hours of training over 3 days -$1600

Teacher Training Intensive -a total of 34 hours of training, plus 4 follow-up phone sessions $3000 – can take place from as little as 5 days or spread out over weeks, depending on your schedule.

One Day Training – an all day experience 9 hours of training $900

Pay as you Go Training -begin learning in smaller increments -in 3 hour sessions. One session will build on the next. $250 per session You choose what aspects of the training you want to learn in each session

For specific Ceremony Training, see my other website: http://tantrictherapy.org/ceremony-training/

All training also available via Skype sessions


One response

  1. Dino

    Look very interesting specially for older couples that are disconnecting from real life and loose the sexual attraction and apetite.

    August 30, 2012 at 2:21 am

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