Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing


Tantra is  about being your total, pure and Divine Self – embracing the Divinity of others, and therefore  making all our relationships Sacred.

Tantric Therapy is a holistic combination of counseling, body work  and spiritual guidance.  Tantric Therapy acknowledges the wholeness that we are spiritual, psychological, emotional,  and sexual beings.

Our True Being is acknowledged as Sacred and  Divine. Tantric Therapy is transcending and healing; guiding us to see ourselves as Sacred and Divine. In Tantric Therapy – our Divine“Being” is worshiped, stimulated and awakened combining spiritual, psychological and sexual energy.

The unique Therapeutic Intimacy of the relationship creates an environment of complete safety and  freedom – and provides an opportunity to explore your true Sacred and Divine self. The process of Tantric Therapy includes removing all barriers, taboos, judgments and expectations; where you are guaranteed to be treated and worshiped as Sacred and Divine.

I offer a variety of Tantric Therapy sessions for individuals (male & female), groups and couples.

by Jonti Searll

For most of us the Pleasure Space is brief, very brief. 20 or 30 seconds of orgasmic contractions, with a few minutes of afterglow. Which is such a beautiful expression, but is actually more than that. I

t has a key to one of the purposes of sexuality.Many of us of had, at some point in our lives, an experience that has taken us beyond those few moments.We’ve had an experience of The Pleasure Space.
We’ve lost ourselves.
Totally, utterly, completely.
We’ve gone beyond our bodies, out of our minds, we’ve transcended the boundaries of this reality.
We’ve left the physicality of this world and touched another.
We’ve touched a world of mystery, of magic, of spirit.
A world of being.
A world of knowing.
For a few moments we’ve seen something, we’ve felt something more.And for so many of us, we have no idea how to get back there.
So we put the experience in our memories, we visit it with longing.
We’ve been there, we’ve tasted it, touched it, floated in it, it’s washed over us, through us.
It’s spark lives somewhere inside of us.
It never leaves us.
It never goes out.For something mystical, something eternal, something that has elements of God, of Goddess, can never leave us once it’s touched us.This is The Pleasure Space.
And our bodies are a portal to get there.
Our sexual energy is the fuel to take us there.
The connection of Genitals, Heart and Spirit unite in the trinity of possibility.
Desire, Sacred Desire, is the spark.
The sexual fire is lit, and it’s often kindled in the depths, in the darkness.0-We imbue the flames with Passion.
We allow them to burn.
We allow them to take us beyond what we know.
We allow their heat to give us courage to release ourselves.
We allow them to rise.
We allow them to consume us.
We allow them burn our shell away.
We allow ourselves to touch our essence.For only in this space can we enter The Pleasure Space.
To know Love.
Without judgement, without border, without definition, without limit.
For The Pleasure Space is the field of possibility.And when we return, we are changed.
We are filled with afterglow.
A light within us, a fire that may dip low.
But a breath on the coals of our sexuality brings it once again to life.This is there for all of us.
It’s nothing new, it’s ancient.
It’s not spiritual gobbledegook.
It’s real.
It’s where our humanity touches our divinity.
And it’s there for all of us.



TANTRIC HEALING SESSIONS FOR MEN – $250 for  1 1/2  hr session (verbal, instructional and rnergy work) – these sessions vary depending on the needs of the individual. We can address various subjects including, but not limited to, the following:

Learning Taoist Secrets to Cultivating Male Sexual Energy ( preserving your life force, orgasming without ejaculation, mastering your own sexual energy)

Balancing your yin and yang energies within your own body and harmonizing them with your lover (healing your relationship with your inner masculine/feminine energies)

– Erectile dysfunction, or premature or delayed ejaculation

– Sexual or physical Trauma/Sexual Abuse

– Fear of Intimacy or Trust with Women, fear of sexual performance failure

– Opening and Healing the Heart Chakra. learning to embrace unconditional LOVE at all levels, healing from past relationships, attracting/manifesting positive female relationships

-Releasing sexual addiction, or co-dependencies on pornography  or fetish




There is no form of sexual engaging, pleasuring, massage or genital contact in these sessions. The session is verbal and instructional only.

NEVER accept that you are ‘broken’ or dysfunctional in any way. It is not possible for you to be anything less than perfect and whole. Learn to drop the labels of being “dysfunctional” or incapable of “providing” pleasure for your partner. It is time to release your insecurities and gift yourself with the opportunity to rise above your issue and step back into your power.

I offer alternative healing for erectile dysfunction, Premature EJ, as well as healing in any area concerning sexual energy. This is a verbal and instructional session. We begin with consciousness work. We look at the limiting beliefs and past programming that contribute to the feeling of disempowerment. I teach you how to surrender any disempowering thoughts, insecurities, past programming, etc that have manifested as a result of your issue. I teach you different ways to learn to get out of your head and into your body, and reconnected to your unlimited flow of sexual energy. The goal is to learn to be the master of your own sexual energy as opposed to having it master you. I also teach you various exercises, some are Taoist, some stem from Kundalini Yoga, and some are PC Muscle exercises (the muscle you use ot get an erection, keep an erection and orgasm.) The session includes a follow-up email in which I recap everything we went over in the session, additional consciousness exercises and written format of all the PC Muscle exercises.

2 hour session, live, phone or skype, $200



TANTRIC SECRETS TO PLEASURING THE GODDESS (or your future goddess) – There is no form of sexual contact, pleasuring or massage included in this session Interested in making your sexual experiences more meaningful and Sacred? Looking to increase your confidence in the bedroom? This session is perfect for anyone, whether you are in a relationship, or single.

According to the Tao- men are Fire, women are Water -meaning they are completely opposite.   Although this is why we attract to one another- this yin/yang contrast can make sex a difficult thing to master.  Learn to pleasure your goddess like a true, tantric master -without having to spend decades studying tantra.   This session is designed to expand men to the infinite possibilities of pleasuring a woman. If you can reach her heart, honor her body and make her feel like the goddess she is- she will crown you her king!

You can do this as a one time session, or in a series.  The series is recommended as one session builds upon the next.

– Explore a new look at the Goddess Temple (female body) – expanding the way you view her and her Temple, learning how to worship the Divine in her and bringing her back to her own goddess essence

– Learn various Tantric and Taoist techniques to spiritually connect with, arouse, and pleasure your goddess

– Learn how to understand HER sexual energy and anatomy -how to master the FLOW of her energy so that she can have multiple orgasms

– Learn how to master oral pleasuring

– Learn how to access her G-spot and give G-spot orgasms as well as G-spot massage

– Learn how to manually pleasure her (there are over 14 different strokes that will make her beg)

– Learn how to give a full Tantric Massage and Taoist Erotic Awakening Massage

– Learn Taoist techniques that will teach YOU how to control your orgasms, last longer and recover a lost erection

– Learn how to embrace the POWER of your Sacred Lingam (Penis)

– Learn how to use your sexual experiences to connect spiritually, and transcend your relationship to a higher level
-in and out of the bedroom

– Man vs. Woman- understanding and honoring our differences, learning how to communicate with her (on her level), learning how to get her to understand you and your needs, learn how to get her to communicate her needs to you

These are instructional sessions, there will be no sexual engaging, of any form, in these sessions.

Session options: single session: live, phone or skype 2 hour $200 Series (4 sessions, 2 hrs each) $750




Tantric Healing Sessions for WOMEN(In-Person & Phone)

(counseling, Bodywork, energy work) for women that need assistance in:

Awakening/Healing your sexual energy, embracing the power of your Yoni (vagina)

Enhancing orgasms (clitorus, Gspot, Full-body and energetic orgasms)

Sexual Healing or Overcoming Sexual Trauma, Rape or Abuse from Childhood or any recent negative experiences

-Embracing your Inner Goddess, Sexually and Spiritually

-Learning to transform Love Making into a Sacred Experience

-Sexual dysfunction, loss of libido or Hyper-sexuality issues

$200 for  2 hr session in person: phone/skype session $150 for 1 1/2 hr


Tantric Secrets to Pleasuring a Man (or future man)

 No one wants to admit it, but sex is important. It is REALLY important. Sex is intended to be an ecstatic, euphoric experience that unites  two lovers into ONE. It is certainly not just a physical experience. However, the physical aspects of sex ARE important, and EVERY woman can learn how to be a better, more attentive lover. This session is designed to open women up to the infinite possibilities of honoring, worshiping and bringing your Beloved, male, partners (or future partners) into sexual bliss and spiritual union.

 Explore a new look at the Masculine Temple (male body) – expanding the way you view him and his Temple, learning how to worship the Divine in him -ALL of him

Learn various Tantric and Taoist techniques to connect with, arouse, and pleasure your male partner

Learn how to understand HIS sexual energy and his anatomy

Learn how to perform ceremonial Fillatio (aka Blow Job)

Learn how to manually pleasure him (there are over 14  different strokes that will make him beg)

Learn how to give a full Tantric Massage and a Taoist Erotic Awakening Massage

Learn simple techniques (you can share with your partner) so that he can control his orgasm and last longer during lovemaking

Learn how to tap into your inner Goddess so that you can bring out his inner God; learn how to embrace your own sexy, erotic nature

Learn how to use your sexual experiences to connect spiritually, and transcend your relationship to a higher level
-in and out of the bedroom

Man vs. Woman- understanding and honoring our differences, learning how to communicate with him (on his level), learning how to get him to understand you and your needs, and how to anticipate his needs

Session options: single session: 2 hr $200 Extended session 3 1/2 hrs $350  Series (4 sessions, 2 hrs each) $725   

Skype/phone sessions 1 1/2 hr $150



Couples sessions, for more information of Tantra for couples, see section called COUPLES SESSIONS



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