Spiritual, Sexual and Tantric Healing


When – every Wednesday night, unless otherwise stated 7:00 – 10 pmAlanta,Georgia

email for specific location


Join us for a weekly gathering of women. Our intention is to create a space for women to heal, grow, expand, and embrace their role as the embodiment of the feminine divine. Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of healing and empowerment. They may include discussions, dance/body movement, singing/chanting, energy healing, guided meditations and metaphysical exercises. Topics will range from:

Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Putting down your ‘story’
Self Love, Acceptance and Positive Body Image
Inner Child Connection- Healing, Loving and Playing with our Inner Child
Embodying the Goddess in Everyday Life
Sacred Sexual Consciousness (Tantra)
Feminine Sexual Power
Healing the Emotional Body
Energy Healing and Connection
Chakra Awareness- Understanding and Clearing them
Exploring the Shadow
Building Harmonious Relationships
Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Energies
The power of Setting Boundaries and Saying “NO”
Sexual Healing and Reprogramming
Body Wisdom
Connecting with the Higher Realms
Enhancing your Intuition
Mastering the Law of Attraction

Cost – Love Donation

We need locations to hold these meetings – if you are open to hosting one of them in your home or studio, please let me know. Please RSVP at elainecaban@gmail.com or (410) 845-5194
For more information, go to http://www.tantrictherapy.us

Sacred Garden Yoga presents

special guest Elaine Caban, Tantric and Spiritual healerEMBRACING SACRED SEXUALITY
SACRED GARDEN YOGA STUDIO june 28th 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

369 Campbell Hill st Nw

Marrietta, Ga  30060

This evening will be dedicated to embracing your powerful, feminine, sexual nature as divine beings. During this talk, we will explore:

-releasing past sexual programming and unhealthy patterns
-Awakening your feminine sexual nature
-Tapping into your sexual power – releasing fears, shame, and co-dependencies
-Weaving together our sexual and spiritual experiences – bringing the divine back into sex

Cost – love donation

Elaine Caban is a Tantric and Spiritual healer. She offers sexual awakening, empowerment and healing. Her work also includes inner child healing, spiritual guidance/counseling, life coaching, healing from abuse/trauma and goddess empowerment. She works with singles and couples – bringing them back to their natural state of bliss, love and joy. You can learn more about her work by going to her website http://www.tantrictherapy.us or contact her at elainecaban@gmail.com

These events fill up quickly, to guarantee your space, please register for the class at
For more information on this, or any event hosted by Sacred Garden Yoga, go to http://www.sacredgardenyoga.com/events.php

FREE Discussion/Workshop on Tantra and Sacred SexualityMonday December 9th, 6:45 -9:30 pm

Location -a private home in Delray Beach, address will be given upon RSVP

Cost – FREE

It is time to reawaken to your power and truth and embrace your physical journey here as a spiritual being!! I have been guided by Spirit to bring Tantric Consciousness to our community!! As a result, I will be offering FREE (love donations are always welcome) monthly discussions that will cover topics like:Tantra, Sexual Healing and Empowerment, Sacred Touch, Conscious Love-making, Divine Union, Embracing Oneness with the Universe, Releasing old belief systems, Embracing self-love, and learning to walk the Tantric Path every moment of every day!!!Tantra begins from within, so no partner is needed for you to embrace this Sacred path. Come solo, bring a friend or your partner!!! It is open to all sex affiliations as well.These discussions may include very simple, non-sexual exercises as well as homework assignments for you to take home so that your growth and soul evolution continues. There will be no nudity or sexual contact of any form in these discussions.

2018f3dd2e0f30e62d5710b7c15a4884An  Evening With The Angels at Shaffer’s Tearoom with Elaine Caban, Angel Intuitive

Shaffer’s Tea Room 14 South Swinton ave Delray Beach 33444

Thursday, December 12  6:30 pm -9:30 pm

Cost: FREE

We each have angels that guide us and travel by our side throughout our journey. Connect With Your Angels with Certified Angel Intuitive + Spiritual Healer Elaine Caban.

Join us for a FREE evening of Angelic Guidance as Elaine Caban teaches us each how to connect with the Angelic realm.

The evening begins with a discussion about Angels and how to communicate with them.

Learn how angels can assist you in every area of your life. Pull a card from the Angel Oracle Deck and learn how to do self guided readings.

The evening will close with a guided meditation where you will meet your personal Guardian Angel and receive a healing message from them.

We will be serving our entire menu and all of our amazing fair-trade organic teas + coffee. We look forward to seeing you.

The event is FREE however LOVE donations are welcome. To RSVP or for more information please contact Elaine at (786) 380-8170 or elainecaban@gmail.com or go to www.tantrictherapy.org. Space is limited so please RSVP

Pink Tantric Puja with Scott Catamas, Lourdes Starshower and Elaine CabanFriday October 4th 7pm-10pm Delray BeachCost $45In this Sacred ceremony we create an energetic portal that helps participants to connect to their own inner divinity as well as the divinity in others. We will lead a series of exercises that support each person to see the Divine in all, and to remember our capacity for love, compassion and care. Each person gives & receives heart connection with different participants. The puja is designed to open the heart in ways that are unique and very transformational.We’ll open to the Flow of Divine Love between all of us. Leaving us with a warm heart and the deep satisfaction of blissful connectedness to all. Singles and couples are welcomed. Couple-ships are honored and upheld.Wear beautiful yet comfortable clothes that reflect your individual style and prepare to be dazzled. Please bring a cushion to sit on.This is for singles and couples; we create a safe space to connect to ourselves, to the Divine within and then gently with each other. We adapt to the needs and interests of those who attend. This is a cross-cultural & non-denominational experience.Please bring a cushion or a Yoga mat to sit on.

Price $45 per person, or $75 for a couple.

Registration and Socializing from 7 – 7:15 PM
Please show up on time, the doors to this event will close at 7:15 pm sharp


Tantric Secrets to Pleasuring a Man (or future man)
June 29 4 pm- 9 pm
Location: 9705D Boca Gardens
No one wants to admit it, but sex is important. It is REALLY important. Sex is intended to be an ecstatic, euphoric experience that unites the two lovers into one. It is certainly not just a physical experience. However, the physical aspects of sex ARE important, and EVERY woman can learn how to be a better, more attentive lover. This workshop is designed to open women up to the infinite possibilities of honoring, worshiping and bringing your Beloved, male, partners (or future partners) into sexual bliss and spiritual union.During this workshop, you will:Explore a new look at the Masculine Temple (male body) – expanding the way you view him and his Temple, learning how to worship the Divine in him -ALL of himLearn various Tantric and Taoist techniques to connect with, arouse, and pleasure your male partnerLearn how to understand HIS sexual energy and his anatomyLearn how to perform ceremonial Fillatio (aka Blow Job)Learn how to manually pleasure him (there are over 12 different strokes that will make him beg)Learn how to give a full Tantric MassageLearn simple techniques (you can share with your partner) so that he can control his orgasm and last longer during lovemakingLearn how to tap into your inner Goddess so that you can bring out his inner God; learn how to embrace your own sexy, erotic natureLearn how to use your sexual experiences to connect spiritually, and transcend your relationship to a higher level
-in and out of the bedroomMan vs. Woman- understanding and honoring our differences, learning how to communicate with him (on his level), learning how to get him to understand you and your needsThis workshop will include a LIVE Demo

Price $65
This is is PRE-PAID event only

To register, go to


To register, contact Elaine Caban at 786 380 8170 or email at elainecaban@gmail.com

fem_calTantric Secrets to Pleasuring a Goddess (or future Goddess)

June 29, 2013

10am -3 pm


According to the Tao- men are Fire, women are Water -meaning they are completely opposite. Although this is why we attract to one another- it can make pleasuring the opposite sex a tricky thing to figure out. This workshop is designed to expand men to the infinite possibilities of pleasuring a woman. If you can reach her heart, honor her body and make her feel like the goddess she is- she will crown you her king!

During this workshop, you will:

Explore a new look at the Goddess Temple (female body) – expanding the way you view her and her Temple, learning how to worship the Divine in her and bringing her back to her own goddess essence

Learn various Tantric and Taoist techniques to spiritually connect with, arouse, and pleasure your goddess

Learn how to understand HER sexual energy and anatomy -how to master the FLOW of her energy so that she can have multiple orgasms

Learn how to perform ceremonial Cunnilingus

Learn how to access her G-spot and give G-spot orgasms

Learn how to manually pleasure her (there are over 9 different strokes that will make her beg)

Learn how to give a full Tantric Massage

Learn simple techniques (you can share with your partner) so that she can connect with her own flow and reach orgasms easier

Learn Taoist techniques that will teach you how to control your orgasms, last longer and recover a lost erection

Learn how to embrace the POWER of your Sacred Lingam (Penis)

Learn how to use your sexual experiences to connect spiritually, and transcend your relationship to a higher level
-in and out of the bedroom

Man vs. Woman- understanding and honoring our differences, learning how to communicate with her (on her level), learning how to get her to understand you and your needs

This workshop will include a LIVE Demo -but this is NOT a hands-on learning workshop

This is is PRE-PAID event only

To pay, go to:


To register, contact Elaine Caban at 786 380 8170 or email at elainecaban@gmail.com

Take Back Your Power and Body!!  healing From Sexual Abuse, Rape, Trauma, and Physical Abuse -Teleconference

Date: January 3rd – every Monday and Thursday Night

8:30 pm – 10 pm -for 4 weeks

Cost $125 if registered by December 22, and $145 if after December 22nd

Start the New Year out right. It is time to release your past and step into your TRUTH!! As a sexual abuse survivor I know how deep these wounds can travel. Whether it happened decades ago, the experience has more presence in your life than you might believe. The subconscious mind stores this trauma deep within and it will seep out and leak into every are of your life until you fully recover from it

This 4 week Workshop will be done in the form of a Teleconference. We will have live calls every Mon

day and Thursday from 8:30 – 10 PM EST. You will also receive daily exercises, support and healing techniques via email.   We will also create a private discussion forum on Facebook for the participants to engage in, for further support.  This workshop will include verbal counseling, inner child healing, creative visualization, guided meditations, energy healing, the law of attraction, emotional release techniques, forgiveness techniques, chakra clearing, PTSD Therapy, and techniques to take back your power. You will learn:-how to pinpoint and release any limiting beliefs, fear, self worth or negative patterns that may have developed as a result of your past trauma-how to release the trauma from your body, cells and tissue-how to use your past experiences to empower you

-forgiveness, self-love and self worth techniques

-coping techniques, Emotional Release Techniques and overcoming PTSD

-Learning to tell a different story- moving from Victim to Victor!!

Cost $125 -Early Registration, by December 22nd. $145, if registered after December 22nd.

To Register, contact Elaine Caban a@ Elainecaban@gmail.com or 561 266 3629 or 786 380 8170

December 16, 2012 1pm – 8 pm Delray Beach, Fl 33444 Cost $60

Return to Self Love – Are you in love with yourself? Do you honor, worship and praise yourself as much as you do others? Are you your OWN beloved? Do you find it easier to give love than receive it?  We all need reminders of the importance of self love –don’t go another day questioning your beauty, perfection and Divine Magnificence. Remember, no one is ore deserving of your love than YOU.

The most important relationship you will have in this world is the one you have with yourself. The way we love ourselves, or don’t, affects every area of our lives –from our ability to give to others, to our relationship with our loved ones to abundance issues.
In this all day Healing Intensive, you will:
Review early childhood and your upbringing to pinpoint and release limiting beliefs that surround your Self Love and Self Worth.
Take part in a Chord Cutting Ceremony in which you release any unhealthy attachments to past experiences or people
Use Creative Art to express your Divine Beauty
Learn different ways to love yourself and techniques to release any limiting beliefs that are keeping you from completely loving yourself as you are right now.
Experience Conscious Yoga/ Healing Self Love Meditation, led by Michael Sivanataraj
Learn to see your TRUE beauty, allowing you establish an intimate relationship with your Divine self
Create a Vision Board surrounding Self Love –all supplies provided
The evening will end in a Sacred Ceremony in which you honor your soul’s path and come back to a place of unconditional love for yourself.  COST $60   Click here to Register  In addition please bring a pen/paper and a piece of Rose Quartz with you.

21 Day Consciousness Cleanse Teleseminar for a NEW YOU!

Monday, January 2, through Tuesday January 24th, 2013 at 8pm to 9:30pm

This New Year, don’t just make a bunch of resolutions that you aren’t going to keep.
TAKE ACTION!! Join me on this amazing journey that will change your life!

This 3 week journey will be based on the fabulous book 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford.
“If you are seriously considering the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse, it is because, more than likely, you know there is far more for you than you are experiencing right now. Mediocrity in any area of your life is no longer an option, because either your pain is too great or your desire for having it al is too compelling. You want more, and you know you deserve more. You know there is something you’re not getting, and you are ready to get it. So today is the perfect day for you to take back your POWER from the outer world, turn inward, and embark on the journey of reconnecting with the spirit that moves you. It is inside this structured program that you can clean out the container of your own consciousness, enabling you to experience your most soulful self.” Debbie Ford, as written in the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse.

We will be reading the book and taking the 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse together.
I will serve as a facilitator to support and guide you on your transformational journey.
I will be providing a teleconference call twice a week, on Monday and Thursday evenings from 8 to 9:30pm.
These conference calls will be recorded so if you can’t make the live call, you can listen to the archived calls on your own time. During this transformation, I will also provide you with ADDITIONAL spiritual exercises, guided meditations, healing ceremonies and affirmations, as well as spiritual support.
The calls will be interactive so you can ask questions, or share insights that you gain during your transformation.
I have personally taken this 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse before and it changed and evolved my Soul more than any other class, workshop or healing I have ever experienced in the past.

Please GIFT yourself with this glorious opportunity to let go of what is no longer serving you and claim your Power as the Divine Being you were born to be!

COST $50 – you must also buy you own copy of the required reading 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford

Or.. contact Elaine Caban via email at Elainecaban@gmail.com
(It is my intention that this teleseminar be available to EVERYONE. If finances are tight for you right now, please contact me privately and we can work out a payment plan.


Saturday, January 7, 2013  – 1:00pm until 7:00pm
337 S. Swinton Ave Delray Beach, Florida 33444

there is someone who wants EXACTLY what you have to offer.

It is time. You have waited long enough.
You have dreamt of this person; of holding, touching, making love to and sharing the rest of your life with this Divine partner. Yet, you wonder ‘Why hasn’t it happened yet? Where is this soul mate I keep dreaming of? How much longer must I wait?’

Take ACTION.  Do the internal work necessary to prepare yourself for the Love of your life!  YOU deserve to be reunited with your soul mate!

This all day Intensive includes spiritual exercises, guided meditations, various healing ceremonies as well as making a Vision Board to attract your soul mate.

Take ACTION.  Do the internal work necessary to prepare yourself for the Love of your life!  YOU deserve to be reunited with your soul mate!

This all day Intensive includes spiritual exercises, guided meditations, various healing ceremonies as well as making a Vision Board to attract your soul mate.

You will:  Learn what a soul mate is; eliminate fears, blocks, insecurities and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of manifesting your soul mate;
Chord Cutting and Forgiveness Ceremony to heal old wounds and unhealthy attachments;
Learn that the most powerful Love is and always been within YOU and can be tapped into instantly;
Find the importance of Self Love and Self Worth and it’s role in all of your relationships;
Explore the Law of Attraction/Creative Visualization and it’s role in assisting you in manifesting YOUR soul mate;
Create a Vision Board for Manifesting Your soul mate (all supplies provided.)
The day will end with a beautiful Sacred Ceremony in which we celebrate Divine Love in all forms!

To register click below:

or Elaine at 786 380 8170

April 12 – 15th
Delray Beach, Fl
$700/Couple -price includes the workshop plus all meals and lodging for 3 full days
Take your relationship to the next level with this TRANSFORMATIVE weekend. Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been married for decades, this weekend workshop can shift you both to higher realms of Divine Consciousness, Sacred Sexuality, Spiritual Communion and Intimate Bliss.

This is a HEALING retreat, designed to expand your physical, sexual, energetic and spiritual connection to one another , to yourselves and to the world.

Some of the physical Tantric techniques you will learn:

Tantric Massage, Lingam/Yoni Massage and Worshiping, Sacred Spot/G-Spot Massage
Tantric Foreplay and Sacred Sexual positions, Erotic Food Play, Fantasy Role Playing, Body Painting
Tapping into and healing the Energetic Body

Some of the spiritual aspects of Tantric Relating you will learn:
Learning how to walk the Tantric path in everyday life
Honoring/worshiping the Divine in yourself and one another
Inner Child Work, Self Love/Self Worth evaluation (who am I bringing into this relationship?)
Effective communication and conflict resolution
Forgiveness and Chord Cutting Ceremony

In addition you will experience:
Daily Tantra Yoga, A Fire Ceremony/Drum Circle, Sensual Dance and take part in a Tantric Puja Ceremony to end the weekend

There will be nudity in this workshop (although it is optional) There will NOT be public sexual engaging. This workshop is open to couples only – both gay and straight couples are welcome.

Cost $700/Couple ($300 deposit required by April 1st)–price includes lodging and all meals for 3 full days and 2 nights. All meals will be vegetarian.

Space is very limited so please pay the deposit asap to guarantee a spot.

For more information go to Spiritvibration.com or Tantrictherapy.org

To register, contact Elaine Caban at Elainecaban@gmail.com or 786 380 8170



AN EVENING OF TANTRIC BLISS for Couples with Elaine Caban

Saturday September 8th, 2012  7pm -111:30 pm

Cost $115 per couple

Location: 4140 lybyer rd Coral Gables, Fl 3133

Join us for an evening of light-hearted, playful, bliss-filled fun!!!

Expand your heart, ignite your senses, deepen your spiritual connection with the Divine and with others.

Explore conscious sensuality and sexual awakening

This experience will include:

Siva/Shakti Dance/Body movement

Body Painting and Adornment

Sensual Eating

Tantric Massage

Come with a partner or come alone, no partner needed.

Bring a wrap or sarong

To register, contact Elaine Caban at 786 380-8170 or Elainecaban@gmail.com

A Week of Tantric Bodywork with Robert Silber
Sexual healing and empowerment talk and demowith Robert Silber– Wednesday, 7pm-9pm in Delray Beach $25
Conscious Connection Circlewith Robert Silber– Thursday, September 27th, 7 pm-9pm Miami $25

Ecstatic Dance Movement –Friday September 28th, 7pm- 11:30 pm Miami –hosted by Elaine Caban and Chik Shank $45
Tantric Bodywork Intensive with Robert Silber – Saturday September 29th -Sunday, September 30th 10 am-6pm, followed by a Tantric Puja ($25 if purchased separately) on Sunday 6pm-8pm -$300 for weekend, $225 early bird special
Please read below for workshop details
With Rober Silber
September 29th-30th 10 am -6 pm
Cost $300, early bird special $225
During this two-day intensive, you will learn the Conscious Sensuality approach to:-Communication, Intimacy and TouchWe learn how to navigate deeper levels of intimacy and how move out of patterns of dissociation. We practice the 3 aspects of touch and how to communicate in ways that create safety, expansion of pleasure and health. This course is clothed and non-sexual but honors erotic energy as the fundamental life-force energy on the planet-Sexual Healing and EmpowermentThis part goes deeper into the terrain of sexual healing and empowerment. We use exercises to distinguish and value
the difference between intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. We learn bodywork rituals that build confidence, connection and trust. We learn how to honor boundaries while expanding our growth edges. Special attention is given to the practices and techniques that enable you and your loved ones to come into the present moment.The weekend will end with a Tantric Puja (included in the weekend price, but $25 if purchased separately) on Sunday from 6pm-8pm -which is celebratory ceremony that honors the Feminine and Masculine Divine. It will include music, dance/body movement and a Fire Ceremony.The Tantric Bodywork Intensive is a pre-paid event only, as space is limited. The last day to pay is September 28th. If you register by August 31st, the price is $225, after that the price moves to $300.Sexual Healing Talk with Demo
September 26th, 7pm-9pm
4140 Lybyer ave, Coral Gables, 33133Experience the power of Conscious Sensuality and Sacred touch and how it can bring about Sexual healing for an individual, couples and humanity as a whole.Conscious Connection Circle
September 27th, 7pm -9pm
4140 Lybyer Ave, Coral Gables 33133Our Conscious Connection Circles are introductory evenings that are an opportunity to explore the concepts and practices of conscious sensuality. All exercises are fully clothed with no sexual contact. We utilize meditation, breathe, sound, movement, touch and communication practices in a fun, flowing manner that enables everyone to go deeper into themselves and find a deeper level of connection with each other. The practices in the circle are foundational to going deeper in the workshops, retreats and trainings.Ecstatic Dance Movement
Friday, September 28th 7pm- 11:30 pm
4140 Lybyer ave, Coral Gables, 3133Join us for an evening of Dance and Conscious Body movement. This event will encourage sexual awakening and healing, sensual exploration, and embracing the divine through this Sacred Temple we call ‘body’.About Robert Silber: Robert has worked with and taught with the Network for New Culture, One Taste, Essensual Evolution (co-founder), the International School of Temple Arts and many other sacred sexuality teachers. He is a licensed massage therapist giving bodywork that incorporates the elements of lomi lomi, thai, cranial sacral and pelvic release techniques in a process that is deeply empowering and transformative. He also provides conscious sensuality coaching via phone/email/in person. For more information on his work, or on private sessions, go to : .www.conscioussensuality.comTo register for one of the events, or to book a private session with Robert Silber contact Elaine Caban at 786 380 8170 or Elainecaban@gmail.com There is a possibility of a Tantric Bodywork Intensive Level 2 the following week, if you are interested, please contact Elaine for details.
Tantric Awakening with Baba Dez and Special Guest Elaine Caban
Experience several levels of Tantric Healing as Baba Dez  (www.babadez.com) leads a series of workshops and lectures based on the Sacred path of Tantra. some of the workshops wil be co-hosted with Elaine Caban (www.spiritvibration.com) Baba Dez will also be available for private sessions from July 27th -August 4th.  Individual sessions are 1-3 hours at a sliding scale donation of $200-$300  per hour at the clients discretion, depending on your income and value received. For more information on his private sessions, go to http://babadez.com/sessions –  To book a private session with Baba Dez, contact Elaine Caban at 786 380 8170 or elainecaban@gmail.com
Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism Discussion and Workshop  July 27th 7:30 pm – 11 pm  
Location – 4140 lybyer Ave Coconut Grove, Fl 33133 – the beautiful home of Chik Shank (Daka and Intimacy Coach http://www.Tantrasynergy.com)
Cost $45
Baba Dez shares foundational information with energetic transmissions and exercises for presencing, activation, and integration of Spiritual Sexual Energy.  We will explore ingrained cultural guilt, shame, and fear and how beliefs, judgments, and telepathic agreements can limit and control our lives.  We will realize how understanding and experiencing a conscious connection with our nervous systems can bring us all the way into living freedom and bliss. We will then deepen our ability to support ourselves, our people, and all humanity in conscious evolution.
Healing with Tantra – Workshop with Baba Dez and Elaine Caban July 28th 6 pm – to 11pm 
Location – 4140 Lybyer Ave Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
Cost $55
Learn how Tantra can be healing and affect every area of your life- at physical, spiritual and emotional level.  Expand your consciousness, awaken your body to it’s true potential.  This is also an excellent workshop for Healers an practitioners of any genre of healing arts.
-Release past programming, unhealthy patterns and fear surrounding sexuality- whether picked up from society or childhood
-Heal from Sexual trauma/abuse
-Dissolve hypersexuality/decrease in libido
-Embrace Intimacy – with yourself and others (IN-to-me-i-see)
-Tap into the energetic power of your body
-Balancing your feminine and masculine enrgie
-Learn to love, honor and worship the body as the Divine Temple it is
Pleasuring the God/Goddess Workshop  with Baba Dez and Elaine Caban July 29th  7 pm – 11pm
Location 4140 Lybyer Ave Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
Cost $50
This workshop is open to singles and couples, both Gay and Straight.-Learn how to honor, worship and pleasure your partner (or future partner) as the God/Goddess that they truly are.-Different approaches to women and men- learning how to meet thier individual needs, healthy communication, reading their body language-Foreplay, Tantric massage, Lingam/Yoni massage, oral sex, multiple orgasms, sexual play-How Tantric Love-making can heal both partners and bring them to a spiritual bond that will enhance their relationship eternally
Tantric Practitioners Workshop with Baba Dez and Elaine Caban July 31 7:00 pm to 11:30pm 
Location – 4140 Lybyer Ave Coconut Grove, Fl 33133
Cost $80
This is a one day workshop for Healers, at any level or in any field, wishing to incorporate this Sacred Art of Tantric Healing into their practice
You will learn:
-How to use Tantra therapeutically –verbal counseling/coaching, sexual healing, trauma recovery, heal intimacy issues, sexual dysfunction, hyper-sexuality.
-Different techniques, including Energy/Meridian work, Pelvic Massage and Sacred Spot Massage to release Sexual -Abuse/Trauma at the cellular level.
-Advanced variations of Lingam/Yoni/Sacred spot massage
-How to create a safe and Sacred space for clients as well setting up healthy boundaries
-How to use Ceremonies for Healing


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